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September 8, 2018 9:37 pm

Seen him at movement in detroit in 2008 & he just killed it! So much diversity in his track selecti! Next time he comes back to Detroit I plan seeing him If you haven't already seen him & you like Mash-Up I'd go see him next time he comes to ur town! Read more Report as inappropriate

(Born 26 October 1981) aka Gregg Gillis is an electric producer from Cleveland US- well known for his mash ups and use of digital sampling Gillis choice of miker appears odd but at the time of him first venturing into the industry he found himself situated within the experimental music community and the name came about as a form of rebelli The juxtapositi of the name implying a young pop band and the reality of Gillis not limiting himself to the cfines of underground electric music and instead shook up the cventis through his early sampling through the use of The Spice s and Jurassic Park which set. See all videos (11) Before assuming the stage name in 2001 Gillis worked full time as a biomedical engineer which to some appears to be a far cry from his positi as an artist but he cites similarities between the two in regards to the meticulous nature involved in engineering and applying it to his rhythm calculatis In 2002 came the release of ’s debut album “Secret Diary” through the sampling label Illegal Art The album featured the labels website and was sale through the pay-what-you-want model The album featured his distinctive and signature mash-ups as he played with the post-modern approach to making music It was the release of his third album “Night Ripper” in 2006 which led to his commercial breakthrough highly praised by critics and fans alike The album featured in many publicati charts including number 22 positi Rolling Ste’s Best Albums. See all past ccerts (587) Next 1 ccert: Byr Bay NSW Australia Next ccert: 20 days Popularity ranking: Gregg Michael Gillis known by the stage name is e of the most complex genre hopping performers the circuit He is known for his mashups and mixes and when performing you get a sense that the artist has total freedom to play and do whatever he should please He has been touring relentlessly since his very first album 'Secret Diary' was released in 2002 and has gained something of a cult status the circuit Fans flock to his shows due to the unpredictable nature of what they will hear and what they will see Accompanied by a huge light show that makes the atmosphere even more surreal the crowd cheers at the sight of the DJ and he begins his show with a mash up of M.I.A's ' Planes' and Lorde's 'Royals'. Greg Gillis the man behind the music samples various pieces of already existing music and makes something altogether new and unique The man is incredible to watch While most musicians that use laptops and turntables simply perform their music and never really engage their audience does the complete opposite While Gillis performs he gets the audience pumped up going so far as to join in the antics of the crowd If you see a mosh pit Gillis is sure to join in at some point Sometimes the stage set-up allows for the man to be surrounded by the audience for whom he is performing making the entire event not ly intimate but a few degrees cooler Because the music makes always has a fun beat you can always expect to see people dancing around. Panorama Festival 2017 Randall's Island New York NY US 20 Randall’s Island Park The Growlers Six 2017 LA Waterfrt San Pedro CA US 600. See all posters (131) Save this event to your plans and we'll remind you when it's coming up! Mtreal! We're coming back very so Excited to be playing Festival Santa Teresa with so many of our favourite artists and friends! Ccerts played in 2018: 2 ccerts Touring history From peter: i've watched many of my favourite people walk the line between addicti and mental health over the years government policy tends to regard mental health with grace and care while criminalizing addicti and neglecting those afflicted i'm houred to be playing a couple of vulnerable sgs to open this panel if you're interested in listening and learning from folks that are the frt lines of this cversati join me in doing so today at 6:30pm at ryers university. When going to a show you aren't just going to a ccert You are also going to a club and a house party The whole event really is reminiscent of a college party If is ever playing near you it is an obligati to go Whether you like dance music or not it is definitely an experience you will never forget Read more Report as inappropriate

So as you might have already guessed is unlike many electric producers especially when it comes to a setting Inviting fans stage makes the atmosphere more like a house party with the explosive and energetic performance providing a real sense of involvement from all aspects as he breaks genre coding creating unique and exciting soundtracks to last a lifetime Read more reviews Going to a ccert is like going to a ccert with about a billi different artists performing. Be the first to know about tickets in the future 152,159 other fans want alerts for this artist. See all photos (59) Splendour in the Grass Festival 2018 North Byr Parklands Byr Bay NSW Australia Sunfest - West Palm Beach 2018 Clematis By Night Festival Grounds West Palm Beach FL US 100 S Clematis St Not e to shy away from ctroversy Gillis has been the subject to many a licensing and copyright debate about his use of unauthorised samples using up to as many as 150 per album In turn all of Gillis’ releases fall under the Creative Comms license which means fans are able to use his work for derivative purposes To support the release of his fifth album “All Day” in 2010 (another free release via the Illegal Art website) Gillis began his natiwide tour with two sold out shows in his hometown of Pittsburgh US As a mark of hour the town officially declared 7 December 2010 as “Greg Gillis Day”.

No ccerts near you (Moscow Russian Federati) The audience instantly begins to dance under the hazy smoke and Gillis cheers them throughout remaining completely involved with the audience This is e thing that makes the gig so entertaining the actual performer's interacti with his fans means there is never a dip in the atmosphere Read more Report as inappropriate

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